Essex Capital has taken the lead in several master planning initiatives and is able to take an integrated approach to large-scale development.

Essex Capital has experience in building whole urban centers from scratch, handling all facets of outfitting a community with everything it needs to support such initiatives – including architectural collaboration, public works projects such as sewers, roads, parks and community centers, for-profit residential and commercial development, and construction management.

Going back to the firm's earliest years, Essex Capital has extensive experience acting as both project manager and its own general contractor on construction projects. Today, the firm uses a mix of strategies tailored to the specific project and its capital resources.

When financially advantageous, Essex Capital can assume those roles itself, while at other times, the company is able to delegate certain construction responsibilities and assume a hands-on management role to guide projects to completion. Essex Capital has the wisdom to know what level of direct involvement is necessary, and the experience to execute on projects it decides to take on.

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